[Release Notes] Thursday, September 15th, 2016


Hey Everyone!

We had a few awesome items released yesterday, they are waiting for you to read them in the list below!  🙂

  • FIX – [STANDARD REPORTS] Clicking “Save Segment” prior to answer options loading will cause the questions to appear blank
  • FIX – [BUILDER] [QUESTION SETTINGS] In grids that have row aliases, when the question is copied, if you try to update the aliases in the copy, it will save whatever alias is in the last row for every alias. —  NOTE: This fix is not retroactive, values will need to be re-entered into the aliases
  • FIX – [STANDARD REPORTS] [FILTERING] Custom Invite Email Campaign Fields with multiple words + capitals are no longer working with is exactly equal to again
  • ENHANCEMENT – [360] 360 Phase 9 – Customers can now replace contacts in 360 project, post creation

Please let our Support Heroes know if you have any questions or are still running into any issues with the above fixes/enhancements.  🙂

-SG Engineers

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