[Release Notes] Thursday, May 19th 2016


Hey Everyone!

We had a few great fixes and enhancements today, one of them being our super awesome Salesforce Integration upgrade.  I will go over some details below!

  • FIX – [STANDARD REPORT] We are not displaying any data for piped/repeated open text questions in Standard Reports
  • FIX – Exact Target (Salesforce Marketing Cloud) pull actions were acting like a push action
  • ENHANCEMENT – Upgrade to our Salesforce Integration!  We are pretty proud of the updates, we hope you enjoy them as well, and they make your job easier.  🙂  I will list out the new features/enhancements below the line!

  1. Salesforce Lead Form Question Type

    We have a new Salesforce Lead Form question type – This will auto populate all your fields for your lead into subquestions, and will make it so you don’t even have to set up salesforce actions to push and pull data into Salesforce, the question type does it all for you!


    a. This will not appear if Salesforce is not connected in the integrations tab

    b. This will only work for the “Lead” object at this time

    c. Once you choose your account you want it to pull from it will automatically pull in all of your lead fields and you can choose to include or exclude them by removing the sub questions

    d. If those fields are required in SF, they will be required in SG

  2. You can now add multiple salesforce accounts to your SG account!

  3. New error Messaging – When creating or editing your Salesforce Action, you can now indicate an email address to let someone know if your integration authentication fails (for example, your security token or password changes)  

    a. This means you could get a looooot of emails if something isn’t working

    b. The emails tell you what failed and why

  4. You can now add a sandbox account to the same salesforce integration as your primary account.  

    a. If primary account and sandbox present, all test links (Preview Record a Response, Share test links, emails, etc will go to the sandbox account)

    b. If only sandbox account is present all links will go to that account

    c. If only primary account is present, all links will go to that account

  5. We now have a “Verified” status on the integrations page that has a 24 hour memcache lock and will tell you if your credentials are verified.

    a. Green Checkmark = It’s good to go, Yellow line means your credentials are incorrect, N/A means we don’t get any info back from the people we’re integrating with so we can’t display if credentials are okay

    b. You can have mixed statuses (Ex: Primary SF account can be green, and sandbox can have wrong credentials) if that’s the case, we throw a yellow bar at you and if you click on the integration it will tell you which one doesn’t work)

  6. You can now set a “default” object in your salesforce integration (so you can auto populate lead or contact, etc for your actions in the SG builder.

  7. Our Action Tab is now updated to have descriptions and describe what actions are. (It also will not allow you to add an action that cannot be added to that page and will tell you why)

  8. It has a query builder so you don’t have to manually make your queries anymore!

  9. When mapping fields to SF it will indicate which fields are required so you don’t forget them

  10. Upsert option (Combo of Adding/Updating records – it does both!)

  11. We have fixed all our integrations branding (example: ExactTarget = Salesforce Marketing Cloud) now  

    SOME FAQ’s:

    Where is ExactTarget?

    A couple years back ExactTarget was bought by Salesforce and they became “Salesforce Marketing Cloud” we are upgrading our in app logos to match this.

    What if I want all my links to go to my test account?

    No problem, just set up your test account as one of your salesforce accounts (separate from the main) and all links, test or lice will go to your sandbox account If you choose that account in the SF action

    What about existing integrations?

    This should not affect existing integrations, we have tried very hard to make sure this doesn’t adversely affect already created SF actions.


Please let us know if you are running into issues or have any questions about the fixes or the new Salesforce upgrades!

-SG Engineers  🙂

Laura Burnett answered

    We are running into issues with pulling in SF data to prepopulate other questions based on a historic record AND a parameter passed in via the url on the first page.  We then have several fields that are mapped and populated. This recently worked, but suddenly did not.

    In an action on the first page, we call 

    SELECT * FROM This_Object__c WHERE This_Setting__c = ‘ [url(“settingid”)]’ AND Status__c = ‘Active’ LIMIT 1

    2 days ago, it would pull the record from sf. Today it does not.

    Jon - The Survey Dude commented


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