[Release Notes] Thursday, August 25th 2016


Hey Everyone!

We had a few items released yesterday that should be helpful, please check ’em out below! ¬†ūüôā

  • ENHANCEMENT – [STANDARD REPORTS]¬†Look at ways to open and index earlier in customers experience
  • [ACCOUNT TYPES] Change Enterprise (Plan name) to Team Edition
  • FIX –¬†[SURVEY TAKING] Page groups are not actually grouping pages in Section Navigator
  • FIX –¬†[STANDARD REPORT] Email statistics are incorrect when the report is filtered by a date range
  • FIX –¬†[STANDARD REPORT] Email statistics element does not populate with data in a Standard Report
  • FIX – [STANDARD REPORT]¬†Column averages on segmented tables/grids doesn’t makes sense. – We are now ¬†hiding these averages when segmented
  • FIX –¬†[STANDARD REPORTS] Grid questions with averages + total responses not showing those stats when segmented –¬†We are now ¬†hiding these stats¬†when segmented
  • ENHANCEMENT –¬†[STANDARD REPORTS] Change how we batch documents, to use size of batch vs count of docs

Please let our Support Heroes know if you are having any issues with the above features, or if you have any questions!

-SG Engineers

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