[Release Notes] October 9th – 13th


Good morning and happy Monday! Below are last week’s fixes and improvements:

    • [FIX] – We addressed several display issues that were a result of updates to the Modern Theme.
    • [FIX] – Restoring deleted pages in copied surveys resulted in an error page (both on the Build tab and in survey taking). This has been fixed.
    • [FIX] – SFTP – SFTP protocol will now default to port 22, unless explicitly set to port 4968.
    • [FIX] – The Add as Needed feature was reloading the page when clicked by survey respondents. This has been corrected.
    • [FIX] – We corrected a display problem associated with using our ‘display questions side-by-side‘ solution. This issue caused the question after the one using the CSS to not have a question title or resulted in the question title being moved up to the right of the question using the CSS hook.
    • [FIX] – Theme Library – Previewing a theme via the Theme Library previously resulted in an error page. This has been fixed.
    • [IMPROVEMENT] – Social Media Action – We updated the social media icons (Facebook & Twitter) that are used within the Social Media Action.
    • [FIX] – Survey Taking – When a survey respondent manually entered a date as mm/dd/yy (into a date question validated to collected mm/dd/yyyy), the resulting date was displayed as mm/dd/00yy in the data. We will now auto-fill the first two digits of the year is not specified by the respondent. For example, an entry of 17 for the year will result in 2017. An entry of 54 in the year will result in 1954.
    • [IMPROVEMENT] – The DATEVSUB field in SPSS is now based on your Account Time Zone.
    • [FIX] – Standard Report Download – Word and PowerPoint downloads of Standard Reports were not honoring the report settings – e.g. hiding charts, hiding word clouds, etc. This has been corrected.
    • [IMPROVEMENT] – Profile Report – We made several text changes to the Profile Report dashboard to improve the user experience.
    • [FIX] – We addressed an issue that resulted in a muted color for the Back Button in survey taking.
    • [NEW FEATURE] – Answer Grouping – The Answer Grouping feature allows you to group answer options for reporting purposes. This functionality allows you to do what is often referred to as “recoding” in data preparation parlance.
    • [UPDATE] – We have added language support for: English (South-Africa), German (Austria), German (Switerland), and Italian (Switzerland).
    • [FIX] – Insights Canvas Calculations – We updated the Insights Canvas calculation element to support Number questions and Textbox List questions that are validated to collect currency values.

As usual, please contact our Support Team if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above items!

Best regards,

The SurveyGizmo Team

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