[Release Notes] November 7th – November 11th


Good morning and happy Monday! Here are last week’s fixes and enhancements:

  • FIX [AUDIO/VIDEO SENTIMENT] – Fixed minor issues related to the Video and Audio Sentiment question types.
  • FIX [360] – Addressed an issue that arose when attempting to “Update/Replace reviewers” when setting up a 360 Project.
  • ENHANCEMENT [FILE UPLOAD QUESTION] – Implemented an option to toggle ‘File Upload Security’ per survey/account. Learn more about your options!
  • FIX [DATE QUESTION TYPE – MOBILE] We addressed an issue with date questions when accessed via edit links on mobile devices. Going forward, you will see dates displayed in the mm/dd/yyyy format via an edit link on a mobile device (regardless of how the date question may be validated). Note that this is simply how the date will display in this situation – the date will report/export correctly according to your date validation settings.
  • FIX [GOOGLE SHEETS INTEGRATION] We addressed an issue that arose when removing and re-adding a Google Sheets integration under Account > Integrations.
  • FIX [ACCOUNT SETTINGS] Fixed an issue with some account settings reverting to their original state after having been updated.
  • FIX [STANDARD REPORT] We fixed an issue related to filtering to either include/exclude response IDs. You can now use multiple formats in your filter statement, for example, 1-5,9. Previously only one format was allowed such as 1-5 or 9:
  • FIX [CROSSTAB REPORT] Reporting values were showing as row headers in Crosstab Reports regardless of your setting under Options > Answer Options. This has been fixed to show either the answer options or reporting values depending on your setting.
  • FIX [API v5] We addressed an issue with version 5 of the RestAPI that was previously preventing filtering based on question, sub-question, and URL variable via the SurveyResponse object.
  • FIX [FILE UPLOAD QUESTION] We addressed an issue with uploading files related to long file names.
  • FIX [SALESFORCE UPDATE/UPSERT] You can now add a second condition to your statement when creating an update or upsert in your Salesforce Action.
  • FIX [STANDARD REPORT] We addressed a problem related to segmenting in conjunction with the “show options with no data” setting.
  • FIX [STANDARD REPORT] We addressed a problem with the display of special characters in DIY Grids.

If you continue to run into trouble with regard to any of the above items, please contact our Support Heroes via live chat or email.


The SurveyGizmo Team

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