[Solved] [Release Notes] November 4th, 2015


Hey Everybody!

We have a few great fixes/enhancements for you today.

  • FIXED – Ampersands are displaying as HTML entities in exports only (in answer options) – PLEASE NOTE: If you are having trouble downloading¬†your XLS Exports, please start a support ticket, we may need to manually fix your Export for you!

  • ENHANCEMENT – Login/Password Action – You will now be unable to click “Start Uploading” until you either click “hide username field” or select a username from your dropdown.

  • FIXED – Display issue with deleted / non-existent exports showing up on page load, and going away when you sort your export list

  • FIXED – the preview settings menu opens on every page of the survey, keeps opening after you click nevermind. – It will now auto pop up only once.

Jon - The Survey Dude asked

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    Let us know if you have any questions!

    Taylor Morgan answered


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