[Release Notes] November 28th – December 2nd


Happy Monday! Here is a list of fixes and improvements from the week of 11/28-12/2:

  • FIX – We addressed display issues on mobile devices with regard to the Conjoint (Choice Based) question.
  • FIX – A shared report that allowed for the download of the report to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint resulted in a corrupted download. This has been addressed.
  • FIX – We fixed an issue that caused Standard Report exports to not display UTF 8 characters properly in charts or summary tables.
  • IMPROVEMENT – The Max Diff question data can now be exported to include the details for each response. Learn more about this here.
  • FIX – We addressed a problem that prevented survey respondents from deleting files that they uploaded via the File Upload question (if the file name included a space).
  • FIX – We fixed an issue that caused titles to be incorrect in segmented vertical bar charts (when grouped by answer options) within a Standard Reports.
  • FIX – Converting a Radio Button question with Sequential Reporting Values to an NPS question, caused values above 10 to be created within the NPS. This has been fixed.
  • FIX – We fixed a display issue for Semantic Differential data when viewed in Individual Responses.
  • FIX – Question Piped questions were not showing data within the Standard Report. This has been corrected.
  • FIX – We fixed an issue that caused segmented grids within Standard Reports to not adhere to the display N/A options settings.
  • FIX – We addressed a problem with Standard Report chart colors exported to a Word document not matching the online version of the report.
  • FIX – We fixed a problem that prevented filtering on IP address via the Advanced Filter option.
  • IMPROVEMENT – When using the SurveyGizmo language bar feature for your translated surveys, an option has been added to “Only show on the first page”. When checked, the survey respondent will only see the language bar on the first page of the survey that they are taking.
  • IMPROVEMENT – If emails sent via a SurveyGizmo email campaign bounce, the notification email message will now tell you the survey, email campaign, and how many of the contacts failed.

If you continue to experience problems related to any of the above fixes/improvements, please notify our Support Team via live chat or email.


The SurveyGizmo Team

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