[Release Notes] November 27th – December 1st


Good morning and happy Monday! Below are last week’s fixes and improvements:

  • [FEATURE] – Insight Canvas: Global Filters with response status. Adds a new side section (like date filter) that allows you to name and build sets of global filters. Check out our documentation on this new feature for Insight Canvas: https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/insights-canvas-global-filters
  • [IMPROVEMENT] – We added the ability to access email campaigns, and other areas of the Share tab after a survey has been closed, instead of having to open the survey just to view contacts/stats/options, etc.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] – Lengthy Essay and Textbox responses now have a Read More option in Standard Reports. Previously, we cut off the text at 1000 characters. In addition, PDF exports that include the “list of open test responses” will not truncate responses.
  • [FIX] – Various calculations in Checkbox Grid and Radio Button Grid questions have been corrected including:
    • Row average and row total percentages now calculate correctly for grid questions when using an N/A option.
    • Checkbox Grid questions now correctly calculate total checks and column percentages.
    • Radio Button Grid questions now correctly calculate total responses and column percentages.
  • [FIX]- Fixed Website Intercept surveys on iOS devices so that navigation buttons display. next button wasn’t always rendering.
  • [FIX] – In word clouds, edit response, save and continue links, CSV exports, and bulk PDF exports respondent comments with quotes were displaying backslash characters. Comments should now display correctly.
  • [FIX] – Fix to edit links from old responses that were throwing an error.

As usual, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team with any questions or concerns regarding any of the above!

Best regards,

The SurveyGizmo Team

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