[Release Notes] November 26th – 30th


Good morning and happy Monday! Below are last week’s fixes and improvements:

  • [IMPROVEMENT] – We’ve added a option to refresh your offline survey without the need to download a new offline link. This allows you to pull down changes like new questions, answer options, etc. without losing your collected responses. Learn more in our Offline Documentation.
  • [FIX] – R Scripts were fixed up so that they return data.
  • [FIX] – Users with the Collaborator license will now be able to access Question Library Reports.
  • [FIX] – We added back the option to show/hide Response Counts and Checks within Individual Elements in Standard Reports. This fixed up issues where making any individual element customization removed response counts and checks.
  • [FIX] – Free accounts were mistakenly given the ability to archive surveys, however they could not access the archive folder to delete these surveys. As archived surveys counted towards the 3-survey limit this left users on Free accounts unable to create new surveys. We’ve unarchived all surveys in free accounts and have removed the option to archive to prevent this from happening going forward.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team with any questions or concerns regarding any of the above releases.


The SurveyGizmo Team

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