[Release Notes] Monday, July 18th, 2016


Hey there!

We had a few great items released on Friday, we hope you had a fantastic weekend in the beautiful Summer weather!  🙂

  • FIX – [BUILDER] Convert a Custom Table *with data* to a custom group and then add a sub-question bricks your survey build tab – You now cannot convert a Custom Table “with data” to any question type as they don’t really translate to any other questions build.
  • FIX – [TEMPLATES] The Product & Marketing Research causes a JavaScript error if you to expand it and create a survey from a template
  • FIX – [BUILDER] [POLLS] You can copy the page that a poll question is on, which gives you two poll questions. Once you do this, you can never click submit on your poll once embedded. – You can not copy your page any longer, since a poll is only supposed to have one question on it.
  • FIX – [STANDARD REPORT] Response Map + Standard Reports + Export to Word, PDF, PPT – You can now export your Standard Report with a Response Map to PDF, maps will still not show on downloads to Word or PPT, but we will be working on that for the near future!

Please let our Support Heroes know if you are still running into issues with the above features, or if you have any questions!

-SG Engineers

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