[Release Notes] May 8th – 19th


Good morning and happy Monday! Below is a list of the fixes and improvements for the period of May 1st – 5th:

  • IMPROVEMENT – We’ve updated Email Campaign Status Log files to have a more meaningful filename. Downloaded Email Campaign Status Logs will now have the following naming convention: EmailCampaign-campaign_name-XXXX-XX-XX.csv. Learn more about Status Logs in our Monitor Email Campaign Contacts Tutorial.
  • IMPROVEMENT – If your Salesforce password is expired, we will display a warning on the integration page asking you to log in to Salesforce. We will also show a warning within Salesforce Actions directing you to the integrations page.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Capital letters are now supported in subdomains for share links.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Changes made to the HTML version of the Send Email Action will now be applied to the plain-text version to eliminate confusion. If you wish to have separate HTML and plain-text messages check out our Send Email Action Tutorial to learn how.
  • FIX – The “Delete All Responses” option on the Individual Response tab will reset Overall Quotas and Answer Options Quotas.
  • FIX – Responses recorded via the API, Offline, or Data Import were fixed so that questions with no data will not be marked as hidden.
  • FIX – We increased the timeout on our Salesforce API calls and no longer retry on timeouts to prevent duplicate records from being created in Salesforce.
  • FIX – Empty rows were being sent to Google Sheets. This has been fixed.
  • FIX – Shared Reports using Private Domains were fixed so that they pull new responses.
  • FIX – Required questions with same-page logic could be skipped if the respondent’s internet connection was poor. We’re now validating required questions server-side as a back up to ensure they are answered.
  • FIX – Ensured that shared reports that use the privacy setting “Only Logged-in SurveyGizmo Users” cannot be set up using Private Domain.
  • FIX – Send Email Action fields were fixed to support merge codes and quotes again.

If you are experiencing any issues that you think may be related to any of the above-mentioned items, please contact our Support Team via Phone, Live Chat, or Email!


The SurveyGizmo Team

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