[Release Notes] May 1st – May 5th


Good morning and happy Monday! Below is a list of the fixes and improvements for the period of May 1st – 5th:

  • FIX – The “Restore” option in the Builder will now be limited to the last 5 pages in the pages section and the last 10 questions in the questions section.
  • FIX – The Custom Login Link feature was not pulling through Custom App Theme styles (if defined): https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/customize-app
  • FIX – Insights Canvas – When you downloaded an Insights Canvas, the shapes elements were getting re-sized back to their original created default size if you have made them larger/smaller. This has been addressed.
  • FIX – We addressed an issue with the Language Bar on surveys created with accounts hosted on SurveyGizmo’s Canadian Data Center.
  • FIX – Page Piped Data is now loading correctly within Standard Reports.
  • FIX – Build Tab – Deleted survey questions will not be copied when a survey page is copied.
  • FIX – Home Page – Surveys with special characters in the title were causing issues with folders and the home page. This has been fixed.
  • FIX – Within a URL Redirect Action if the “Disqualify Respondent” setting was enabled, the redirect didn’t fire. Only the DQ message was displayed. The URL Redirect Action now works as designed.
  • FIX – Poll – We addressed an issue that allowed for adding additional questions, actions, and media elements to polls. Polls are again limited to one question.
  • FIX – Website Intercept – The Web Intercept always triggered when the regex logic operator was used. This has been addressed so that the intercept will only be triggered when the regex condition is met.
  • IMPROVEMENT – This change will make it so creating new surveys does not create the post-survey actions ahead of time. You will see a new blank page (Page One) layout.
    • You can now also dismiss the “post-action” option on the user level, and it’ll never show back up.
    • All post actions previously created (that are currently enabled) will now be visible. Old ‘post actions’ that are disabled, and have the QIDs of 2, 3, and 4 will be hidden by default.
  • UPDATE – Multiple login sessions from the same email address are no longer accepted when working in the SurveyGizmo Application: https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/multiple-sessions-with-same-username-and-password-message.
  • FIX – We now will trigger an email when a disabled user attempts to reset their SurveyGizmo password. The email will communicate the user’s status and will not provide a reset link. The Account Administrator on the associated account will also be notified.
  • FIX – SMTP Send Email actions were showing broken characters in the email subjects in some email clients. This has now been fixed to display utf-8 characters.
  • FIX – Salesfore Actions – Certain Salesforce actions could not be edited and would generate an error. We addressed this issue.
  • FIX – Build Tab – We addressed a problem with page deletion that resulted in certain surveys displaying a ‘fatal error’.
  • FIX – Standard Report – Pivoted and Segmented basic question types will now obey the “Answer Options/Rows With no Data” setting in Standard Reports.

If you are experiencing any issues that you think may be related to any of the above-mentioned items, please contact our Support Team via Phone, Live Chat, or Email!


The SurveyGizmo Team

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