[Release Notes] March 5th – 9th


Good morning and happy Monday! Below, you will find a list of last week’s fixes and improvements:

  • [FEATURE] – We added a new Editor for Reporting Values & Aliases that allows you to edit all Question Aliases and Reporting Values for the entire survey in one place. Learn more in our Edit All Reporting Values and/or Edit All Question Aliases tutorials.
  • [FIX] – Fix to allow upload of spreadsheets to existing Cascading Dropdown Menu questions.
  • [FIX] – The Data Import tool will no longer get stuck at 10%.
  • [FIX] – The date picker in Date questions no works properly in Internet Explorer.
  • [FIX] – Within shared Standard Reports the search bar in Response Table elements now obeys overall report filters.
  • [FIX] – Pagination for open text results in Standard Reports has been fixed.
  • [FIX] – Email Campaign Status Logs now use the correct EU/CA domain.
  • [FIX] – Resolved an issue where Segmentation and the ‘Answer Options/Rows With no Data’ setting on questions with ‘write-in’ answers would prevent charts from loading.
  • [FIX] – Resolved several issues with Question Library elements with Question Logic:
    • Questions within the question library that contain display logic now have complete logic when imported to surveys.
    • Greater/Less Than, Date After/Before, and Contains logic operators are working properly in question library elements.
    • SPSS variable names for multi-select questions are now carried over from the survey to the question library and vice versa.
    • Applying edits to logic on question library element is properly transferred to linked elements in surveys.
    • When using the is-one-of-the-following operator options are transferred to linked elements in surveys.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team with any questions or concerns regarding any of the above releases!

The SurveyGizmo Team

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