[Release Notes] June 2nd, 2016


Hey There,

We had quite a few great fixes/enhancements released yesterday!  Check ’em out!  🙂

  • FIX – [CUSTOM TABLE] Empty reporting values cause confusion. Can also save with a space in Custom Tables – You can now not have empty reporting values in a custom table question, which should alleviate a lot of reporting issues you may have seen if they were blank for you in the past.
  • FIX – [STANDARD REPORT] We had some indexing issues with reports pulling data from Encrypted Responses, where your report would not show the correct amount of responses, this is now fixed!
  • ENHANCEMENT – [STANDARD REPORT] Need to hide the stats tables when segments are set up for the following questions, since we hide it for every other question – Number, Percent, Slider, and List of Sliders
  • FIX – [SURVEY TAKING] Private domain language bar is redirecting to broken links now – This is all corrected and the Language Bar should be working perfectly for all link types!
  • FIX – [API] Change GET request to POST request for saving bulk options
  • FIX – [STANDARD REPORT] The Decimal Places setting to change the amount of decimals shown is not working with Grid questions, always displays 1 decimal place

Please let our Support Team know if you have any questions or remaining issues with the above features!

-SG Engineers

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