[Release Notes] July 23rd – 27th


Good morning and happy Monday! Below are last week’s fixes and improvements:

  • [FIX] – Restoring Pages – When attempting to restore a deleted page that’s no longer within the “Restore” menu, a ‘Fatal error’ was triggered. This issue was corrected!
  • [FIX] – Date Question – Date entries that included 2 digit years and were delimited by dashes (as opposed to slashes) were captured as 00yy. For example, an entry of 10-02-95 was stored as 10/02/0095. The problem has been fixed!
  • [FIX] – Force All Surveys to Use Private Domains Setting – Account Administrators who set up users to create private domain links only, could no longer revert this setting. We addressed the issue.
  • [FIX] – CSV/Excel Exports – CSV/Excel exports were stalling at 1% if you had the hide disabled answer options and hide empty columns export settings checked, and had disabled answer options in certain questions on the survey. The problem was addressed.
  • [FIX] – API (v5) – When a response was created via the API, accessing that response via the survey would show the incorrect survey theme/styles. This was fixed!
  • [FIX] – Standard Report Sharing – Should your account/user be limited to only utilizing private domain links, the default settings for shared report links resulted in the link being invalid. The link type defaulted to “Default” even though the URL was your private domain. Fixed!
  • [FIX] – Word Clouds – We addressed an issue with downloading Standard Reports to PDF, where the most common/largest words could be omitted from the download, thus not accurately representing the word frequencies.
  • [UPDATE] – Insight Canvas – When scripting within the Insight Canvas, if the script contains an error an error notification will be displayed.
  • [FIX] – Quiz Score Actions – The setting to Score only questions that have been displayed to the respondent will now function properly, and when unchecked it will score all the potential questions. Deleted or disabled questions will no longer be considered for scoring.
  • [FIX] – Individual Response Grid – We addressed a display issue within the response grid that sometimes resulted in text spilling outside of the grid borders.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team with any questions or concerns related to the above releases.

Best regards,

The SurveyGizmo Team

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