[Solved] [Release Notes] January 13, 2015


Bug fixes

  • iOS interactions with a selection question (radio buttons, checkboxes) at the start of any page after the first would not display properly when selected.
  • Edit link hostnames inside email actions have been fixed when refiring from the app, and also for .eu customers on the whole.
  • You can no longer¬†have a blank thank you page, but even if you do we’ll mark responses complete when they get there.
  • There was an issue with deleting the source question for piping, and yet we’d still show that you were piping from it.
  • Editing a one-page survey in offline mode will no longer jump you to the thank you page after the first question.
  • Textbox lists work better with payment actions.
  • Text and translation field exports would always export your default language for question descriptions.


  • Logic based on an other write-in would not work right if the respondent answered 0.
Patrick - Survey McDuck asked

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    That’s quite a list. Let us know if you have any questions!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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