[Release Notes] Friday, September 9th, 2016


Hey Everyone,

We had a few fixes released, as well as a few great enhancements yesterday!

  • FIX – PROJECT>PANEL feature not replacing merge codes
  • FIX – [TEST] Incompatibility between Branded Subdomain and Test Links
  • ENHANCEMENT – [STANDARD REPORTS] : Deleting questions should be excluded and removed from reports automatically
  • ENHANCEMENT – [STANDARD REPORT] Date filter uses account timezone in app, ET for downloads
  • ENHANCEMENT – [STANDARD REPORTS] Use account Time zone to filter report
  • ENHANCEMENT – [STANDARD REPORTS] : When users setup scheduled reports use the user’s timezone, but store everything in EST/ET. Make sure we don’t break existing report schedules
  • ENHANCEMENT – [STANDARD REPORT] If you share a standard report and look at individual responses, the date and time are in EST

We have updated our documentation to show the new changes/enhancements to time zones/scheduling with Standard Reports!  – https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/share-email-and-schedule-a-report#email-and-schedule-options-for-your-standard-report

Please let our Support Heroes know if you are running into issues with the above features, or if you have any questions!

-SG Engineers

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