[Release Notes] Friday, April 29th, 2016


Hey Everybody!

We had quite a few great fixes yesterday, check ’em out in the list below:

  • FIX [STANDARD REPORT] Star Ranking questions are not showing the average for each answer – The average will only be displayed if Options > Question Elements > Statistics Table/Average is selected (as with other statistics) and if you are in the “Card” view under Options –> Grid –> Card.
  • FIX [STANDARD REPORT] We are not displaying Open Text Analysis for Textbox Grid Questions – Textbox Grid analysis will now appear in newly created reports and you can add it in the questions/bulk edit screen. As a heads up, Open Text Analysis does go through the background queue, so it can take several minutes to finish processing and then show data in the report.
  • FIX – Data Import Tool Match On Response ID Overwrites Previous Imports – This is not a retroactive fix. Customers will need to do a full on fresh import (not using the match my ids setting) and then match my ids will work after that. We recommend copying the survey and importing everything into that.
  • FIX – Comparison Reports when comparing Custom Tables are not showing you the actual row title, just Row 0, Row 1 and so on.
  • FIX – If you interact with “Advanced Settings” in Email Campaigns, we revert all sguids (either newly created or already createdy contacts) to the new old sguids (short hashed ones)

Please let us know if you are still running into issues with any of the above features!

-SG Engineers  🙂

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