[Release Notes] February 27th – March 3rd


Good morning! Below is a list of last week’s fixes and improvements:

  • FIX – Standard Reports – Our Development Team addressed issues with several settings for shared Standard Reports. Certain settings (Show SurveyGizmo Logos and Branding, Show Social Sharing Buttons, Allow Date Filtering, and Allow Exports) were not always saving properly.
  • FIX – Free Accounts – Free Accounts are now limited to three active surveys (not including closed surveys), rather than 3 total surveys.
  • FIX – Custom Scripting – We fixed an issue with the sgapiCSVSplit function that previously resulted in this function outputting a syntax error. This function is working again.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Basic License – Users accessing SurveyGizmo via a Basic License can now access the survey Thank You page and make necessary changes.
  • FIX – Test Tab – Submitting a manual test-response resulted in a white screen after proceeding to page 2 of the survey. This has been addressed.
  • FIX – Salesforce Action Notification Emails – Emails Alerts are now triggered again should there be a failed Salesforce Action in a live survey. This is configured via the Options tab in your Salesforce Action.
  • IMPROVEMENT – 360 – We cleaned up some of the text output on the report produced for the 360 Project.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Send Email Action – We have added the ability to Send Securely (Use TLS) when using the Custom SMTP feature within Send Email Actions.
  • IMPROVEMENT – User Management – The Export User List now includes multiple user teams (if applicable) and the user role associated with each team.
  • IMPROVMENET – We have implemented improved styling of admin pages/questions and are now indicating that questions have logic within individual responses.
  • FIX – Question Library – We have addressed an issue with the question library that caused questions to be improperly ordered when multiple questions on a survey page were added to the library without the page being added.
  • IMPROVEMENT- 360 – We cleaned up some of the helper text for the field mapping when using the Review Format file. This should help clarify what fields are needed and the order that they should be placed in on your spreadsheet.

As always, please reach out to our Support Team via live chat or email if you are running into any problems related to any of the above updates!

Best regards,

The SurveyGizmo Team

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