[Release Notes] April 24th – 28th


Good morning! Below are the fixes and improvements from the time period of 4/24 – 4/28:

  • IMPROVEMENT – We released updates to the Need Help menu accessed when logged in to SurveyGizmo. Learn more about your help options here.
  • FIX – We addressed an issue with Save & Continue links that were generating a 500 error.
  • FIX – Certain accounts were displaying an ‘Activate Now’ button even though the accounts were already active. This was fixed.
  • IMPROVEMENT – The ‘Page’ menu now reflects the page number of the page that the preview was accessed from, rather than always showing Page One.
  • FIX – QUOTAS – If you had a URL Redirect on a Terminal Page and the redirect had a disqualification setting on it but the page itself did not, the responses counted towards segmented quotas. This has been addressed.
  • FIX – API v5 – We fixed an issue with the Get Response return for multi-select questions. Previously, this return was not including all information.
  • FIX – We addressed an issue with account activation that was affecting customers on IE 11.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Table and cell widths now have a ‘units’ option, which toggles between ‘px’ and ‘%’. Newly created grids have an overall width of 100%, and a label width of 40%. Existing grids are not affected.
  • FIX – Having a Merge Code in your question title when creating a question via the API (v4/v5) strips out all other text other than the merge code. This has been addressed.
  • IMPROVEMENT – We have now updated PDF downloads of Standard Reports so that word clouds will adjust their height to fit into one page.
  • IMPROVEMENT – FREE PLAN – When your survey reaches the account response limit, you will see a warning on the survey’s response count on the Home Page and a message on the Individual Responses page of the survey.
  • FIX – Word Clouds will now load faster within Standard Reports.

As usual, please contact our Support Team via Phone, Live Chat, or Email if you are experiencing any problems with the above-mentioned releases.


The SurveyGizmo Team

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