Registrations are not coming through on the results page.


From the registrants perspective, it appears that the questionnaire has been submitted successfully, as the ‘Thank you’ message is received on completion. However, their individual results are not showing. The survey is not closed and I’m checking all variants of name spellings and email addresses. Any suggestions? Many thanks

Modara answered

    Can you provide some information on how you are looking for individual results (the term “results page” is ambiguous)?  Are you looking at a standard report or a CSV export file?  By default, SurveyGizmo is designed to display aggregated response data, not individual responses.  So if you are using SG as a registration tool you will have to create custom reports and exports.

    You should also check SurveyGizmo’s policies regrading personally identifiable information in reports.  Contact information (such as names and email addresses) will be hidden unless the a reports is password protected –

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