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Hey everyone,

Here is my issue: my question 16 is related to my question 5. I wanna add a warning message to the question 16 which could be like “This question is following the question 5.” But I wanna help the user to get back easily to the question 5 and see what was about and refresh his memories …

I was thinking about a reference-link to the question 5 in the question 16. Do you know if it is possible? Do you have any other idea to solve my issue? (Note: I can’t change the order of the questions, meaning 5 can’t become 15, would be too simple ;-)).

Thank you so much for your help!!



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    It might be simpler for you and easier for your respondents if you just place a copy of Q5 inside a TEXT/MEDIA element above Q16.   Depending on the Q5’s question type, you could also use a merge code to remind the respondent of their response.

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