How do you reference a particular field in a text box grid


I have a text box grid with 10 rows and four columns.  i want to pull the value from one of the fields on the grid.


I found the code below in the help resources, but it isn’t returning anything:

//You can also get the answer to an individual field
%%question = sgapiGetValue(%%questionid);
%%field = %%question{%%rowid}{%%optionsku};

I was assuming that I would enter 1 for %%rowid and 1 for %%optionsku to obtain the first value in the first row, but no luck.


Any advice?

Kelley Freeman109651 answered

    There are a couple of help documents that should help out: (this one talks about getting the ids of the rows, options, etc.)

    and (this has a section on grabbing data from grids)

    Maybe another use on the Community has other suggestions more specific to you example?

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Thanks, Dominic…that works!!!

      Kelley Freeman109651 answered


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