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Hi everyone – I have a requirement whereby I wish to use a SurveyGizmo survey to capture redirect responses from a suppliers own survey hosted in their own platform. I require to provide them with landing pages for Completes, Screen Outs, and Over Quotas. This is simple to do by creating a survey that accepts two url variables 1. a unique respondent ID and 2) the returned status.

However, I also want to provide an intro page prior to my respondent being redirected to the suppliers survey. In that regard we would invite them into the SurveyGizmo survey, would then redirect them into the supplier survey and then the supplier survey would redirect back into the SurveyGizmo survey. At the point of entering the intro page the respondent status would be set to be ‘In Progress’. At the point of being redirected back from the supplier survey and with a status code on the URL the status would be updated accordingly and the respondent would be shown the appropriate Complete/Screen Out/Over Quota termination page/message.

My problem is this. The respondent must be allowed to start and stop the survey as they need until they reach a clear termination point. i.e. they enter the SurveyGizmo intro page (and are set to In Progress), then they are redirected to the supplier survey, they partially complete the survey and then close down the survey. The next day they re-enter the survey through the supplied SurveyGizmo link. The SurveyGizmo survey should identify them as still being ‘In Progress’ and they should automatically be redirected into the supplier survey. This process should continue until the respondent completes or reaches another final termination point. Assuming they go on to complete the survey then the redirect should be back to the SurveyGizmo survey but now with a status variable appended to the url that updates the respondent status in SurveyGizmo to Complete, prevents the redirect from occurring, and takes them into the ‘Complete’ termination page/message.

The issue I have is that the redirect is triggered everytime and I can’t find a way to update the status and push the respondent down a different track. Why is that? How does SurveyGizmo work in terms of re-entering the survey? Does it replay the responses and does that replay change when presented with a change such as a different URL variable? Any suggestions how I can make this work?

Apologies for the long post – I’m not sure how better to explain it but hopefully the requirement and the issue is understood!


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    I’ve now figured out how to do this by using the __sgtarget url variable to return respondents to a specific page. In this way I just include the __sgtarget variable along with the status variable and set it to a page after the redirect. All ‘In progress’ interviews continue to redirect into the survey, all redirections from the survey take me to the appropriate termination page.

    Ben answered


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