Redirecting respondents to the exact page where they dropped off without manually editing link.


We want respondents to be able to go back to their existing survey, where they dropped off, when we send them survey reminders. 

It seems you can do this by using edit link –

However I want to take this one step further and redirect respondents to the page they dropped off on. This again seems possible, ‘Remove the &sg_navigate=start portion of the link to take the respondent to the last page they saw.’ – However I’m not sure how to implement this, other than doing it manually.

Currently we have a hidden value action with the merge code [survey(“edit link”)] This hidden value is being pushed back in a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Action. Therefore meaning we can send a reminder email with this link, directing them back to their response.

How can I edit this link to take out ‘&sg_navigate=start’ before it is pushed back in my Salesforce Marketing Cloud Action. Is it an alteration that needs to made to the merge code? Or another element that needs to be put in?

Hope this is clear.

Feedback asap would be much appreciated!!


Steve answered

    Try this:[survey(‘session id’)]


    change “Main_Survey_Link” to the survey link for your survey. I use this inside of a link, and it works.  Though I’m using it inside of a save and continue email, and have never tried it inside of the survey itself – only in the snc email.

    Luke Beaco commented
      • Thanks Steve, using ?snc=[survey(‘session id’)] over editlink is working. Didn’t realise you could use snc outside of a save and continue email. Very useful!



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