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I currently have a survey where respondents who qualify through the screener, let’s call it Survey A, redirect to an external site, Site B.  Is there a way where I can have them come back to survey A to answer additional questions?  I would also like them to be redirect to a Site C at the end.

So the flow is Survey A –> Site B –> Survey A–> Site C


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    There may be a more elegant way, but we do something like the following:

    In screener, Survey A, we create a hidden variable and then use a script to save the sessionid to the hidden variable:

     %%sessionid = sgapiGetRespondentSessionID();



    In the redirect, add this hidden variable as a url variable.  Set skip logic for the redirect using a URL variable.  For example: Show if: URL Variable “continue” is not exactly equal to “1”

    When the user first takes the survey, the redirect will trigger and they will go to site B.

    From site B, call the survey url, followed by url variable string (where <sessionid> is the sessionid from the survey): ?snc=<sessionid>&continue=1 

    The snc url will resume the survey and the continue=1 will skip the first redirect.





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      Thank you.  I will try that

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