Recovery of previously entered responses after a system or browser crash (restart needed)



Is there a way to recover (memory) previously entered responses after a system or browser crash ?

This is really useful for a long survey or long quiz and when you are keying in at the 99 out of 100 questions, for some reason the browser crashed, and you have start from Q1 again.



Anna answered
    Anna 13 Rep.

    What if they couldn’t save and continue?  For example, hit the back browser button and lost their place.Is there a way to go in as an admin and resend them the questionnaire?  Just like save and continue does?

    Anna answered

      The Save & Continue feature is a good option for this:

      This feature includes a ‘Save & Continue’ bar at the top of every survey page after page 1. The respondents can input their email on page 2, and then continue with their responses. As soon as they input their email, SurveyGizmo sends a unique continuation link that they will have in their inbox should their browser crash.

      Hope this helps!

      Dominic Sharpe commented
        • Hi,

          I think the two questions above are still very valid – if a person didn’t hit “save and continue” but their browser crashes or they accidentally hit the back button, is there a way for me to go in through the admin and find their unfinished response?


        • Hi there,

          Yes, there is an option. Assuming that you are able to identify which response belongs to this person (perhaps you asked for their name or email on the survey), you can send them what SurveyGizmo refers to as an ‘edit link’. This edit link allows a respondent to re-access their response to finish and or updated their original answers. Here is some more information on this:

          Hope this helps!



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