What is the recommended approach to have multiple survey results linked to the same contact in Salesforce


I have set up the integration with Salesforce and can upsert a record to a contact in Salesforce from a survey.   However, I need to run the survey periodically for the same contacts and would like a new record created rather than updating the data that resulted from a previous survey.    What is the best way to do this?     Not attached to having it on the contact record as long as we can relate the survey results ultimately to an account in Salesforce (along with the contact who responded).

I’ve searched the community, etc and haven’t seen anything about this.  Thought that maybe just doing an Insert push action would handle it, but not sure how to relate that to anything unless I create an object that is there to capture survey results and have that object somehow relate to the account and contact using hidden values on the survey.

Any suggestions or pointers welcome.




Lola Gill answered
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    I think in this case you just need to make sure that you configure your action to only ‘insert’ (an insert is configured to only create new records):


    When using an ‘upsert’ the Salesforce action will either add a new record or update an existing matching record, which based on what you said, doesn’t sound like what you are after.

    Hope this is helpful!

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