Is it possible to receive the attachments when I’m notified of a survey response?


We are using Survey Gizmo as an application form and require applicants to attach photos to it.

I know we can view the photos online, but I would like to receive the photos in the email that notifies us of a survey response. Is this possible?

roxanne answered

    Thanks, Dominic. We’ve attached the PDF already but really want to have the photos in the email—sounds like that isn’t an option?

    roxanne answered

      You may want to explore the Send Email Action:

      This action allows you to trigger an email from your survey. You can attach a PDF of the respondent’s answers and have the option to include links to uploaded files (see ‘Other Advanced Options):

      This will still be the link rather than the file itself, but perhaps it’s a more efficient option for you.

      I hope this helps!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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