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I’ve set up af form using af¬†ReCaptcha. Looking in Chrome it looks fine. However when I view it in IE11 the “Type in text” is shown in Danish.

My browser language in IE11 is English and I’m accessing from a Danish IP address. I would expect this text to be either dependent on the survey language or the browser language.


I’m also wondering if it is not possible to adjust the “Type in text” text. I cannot see it in the Action element nor in the Translate area.




Catharina Brodka answered

    Thank you for your answer. I can now see that even though my browser language is English my read language is Danish which must be what reCAPTCHA is using in IE.

    Catharina Brodka answered
      IS 2.21K Rep.

      In its default configuration reCAPTCHA attempts to determine the language to use automatically. SurveyGizmo currently does not give us access to the language parameter which would allow forcing one particular language.

      I think I remember reading that IE language checks return the list of browser languages. It is a list and if you have more than one language set programs that don’t treat it as such may return the language at the top of the list even if another language is currently selected as preferred. As far as I know, all non-Microsoft browsers just return the preferred language.

      This is a problem for a lot of web applications. I would have thought that reCAPTCHA would take the (many) necessary extra steps to get an IE user’s preferred language instead of the top language in the list, but maybe they did not.

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