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I was hoping you could point me to some support/community pages to help me build a function into my survey.

I will be building a pre-and post-test to accompany a short college financial education course. I want all students to use one URL code to go to the survey. The students will enter two pieces of information, a session ID that the instructor provides them, and their email address. They would complete the pre-test, take the course, and then go back to the same survey URL for the post-test.

Two questions:
1) Can SurveyGizmo read specific digits of the session ID to bring up a particular survey?
2) When the student goes back to the same URL for the post-test and enters the Session ID and their email address a second time, can Survey Gizmo recall that they have completed the pre-test and automatically bring up the post-test?

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    I am just another SG user like you and I am sorry if this seems negative, but doesn’t this seem like a lot of work just to avoid asking the students whether this is at the beginning or end of the course?

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    Then use skip logic to direct them to either the pre questions or the post questions

    If the course is taught on a normal semester schedule, you could even skip asking the students and just use the current date in your skip logic.


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      • Hi IS,

        The course is a one-hour stand alone. So the pre-test happens before the course, and the post-test a little after. I understand your suggestion, but we are trying to minimize the steps a student has to do since it is voluntary and we want as many students to complete as possible. Our ideal solution would be for students to input just one URL, one Session ID, and their email address. We would like the Survey to do the rest for them.


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      You could do this with two surveys.

      The first survey would ask Session ID and email address on its first page. It would also have a Hidden Value for calculated id to be used as a sguid (see ).

      The second page of this survey would be a custom script like:

      %%emailid = sgapiGetValue(25);

      %%emailid = sgapiStr_Replace(‘@’, %%replace=’qza’, %%emailid);
      %%emailid = sgapiStr_Replace(‘.’, %%replace=’qzp’, %%emailid);
      %%emailid = sgapiStr_Replace(‘-‘, %%replace=’qzd’, %%emailid);
      %%emailid = sgapiStr_Replace(‘_’, %%replace=’qzu’, %%emailid);
      %%emailid .= sgapiGetValue(24);


      In this example, ID 25 is the email field, ID 24 is the Session ID, and ID 29 is the hidden value.

      After this custom script add a URL Redirect Action that directs to the 2nd survey and Passes the 3 fields for email, session ID, and the sguid (you need to be sure that the passed variable for sguid is called exactly that).

      The second survey would start with the pre questions. Then have a separate page that says something like STOP HERE only continue if you are coming back to this survey at the end of the course. Then have the post questions.

      One problem with this solution is if they get curious and continue to the end of the survey and hit submit their first time through, they won’t be able to finish later.

      Also note that if your session ID uses anything other than letters and numbers, you may have to do a similar sgapiStr_Replace strategy to get a valid sguid.

      Note that this should not be done if any sensitive information is asked since it would be easy for one student to see another partially filled out form.

      Anyway, that is one idea.

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