Re-open survey


Hello there,

I re-open my survey but when I am trying to add a new response from the current link automatically the survey goes to the “thank you” page.


What can I do for that?

Natassa Panayi asked

    Did you manually close your survey, or did you use the LINK CLOSE DATE function?  How did you re-open the survey?

    Since we can’t see your survey, we need some more information so we can figure out the problem.

    You might also consider sending an email to SurveyGizmo support instead of asking the community –

    Jim W (Moderator) answered

      Hi Natassa,

      Have you tried to clear your survey link cache?  From within your survey go to the “Tools” tab and select “Clear Link Cache(s)”.  

      Please let me know if this does not work.  


      Mary L (Moderator) answered


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