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I’ve used the “import data” tool to migrate responses from one survey to a new one.

The thing is that when matching the field I must have skipped 1 field, as the new survey has an empty question.

Now I’ve got more than 500 records with this question empty…

Is there anyway I could fill those responses in some not-manual process? (they all have the same value by the way!) 


Silvia Pumar113275 asked

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    It is possible to import the answer to just one question and have it match by Response ID to update all of your surveys.   I have to do this regularly to add one field to our surveys, so I know it works well.  First, I export all the responses that I want to update so I have the Response ID.  I delete all the columns that are fine and do not need to be updated, except the Response ID.  I fill in the field that does need to be updated, which should be easy for you if they all have the same value, and use the Import Data tool.   When Mapping fields, In the Response ID column, I select the option “Match on Response ID” under where you’d typically select the Survey Question.  

    Hope this helps!

    Sheila Bloom answered

      Thanks Sheila,

      Your post was very useful 🙂


      Silvia Pumar113275 answered


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