Can I rate/review responses on Survey Gizmo?


Like another question I read in this forum, I am collecting responses as applications. I was wondering if there is a tool for evaluating responses given. Whether automated or a grading scale doesn’t matter much. I was also wondering about google spread sheet actions. If I have an action in a survey, will the code for the action be printed along with the PDF report for that survey?

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    There is not one tool for evaluating responses, but there are a couple of options that you could try. The easiest method would be to assign reporting values ( to your responses and use them in your evaluation process.  You could also add a QUIZ SCORE action to your survey and use that to evaluate responses (

    Concerning your other question – the code for actions is not usually part of a report.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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