I need a ranking question type where the respondent can also choose n/a for each option.


I have a list of characters that I want respondents to rank. However, it’s possible that the respondents did not encounter 1 or more of these characters. Therefore, I need to have an n/a option available for each character in the list. From everything I’ve tried, and searched for, this doesn’t seem possible on SurveyGizmo which is a bit disappointing because I know this is possible in other survey tools. 

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    • Here is the JavaScript code that we ended up using to make this question work beautifully. This allowed for an N/A column where multiple selections could be made in that column while only single selections could be made in the other columns. As well, each time that N/A is selected, the last column is greyed out (and then the next last, and so on), as there is now one less item to rank.


    Many question types have a NOT APPLICABLE option under the SPECIAL SETTINGS field.  This option is available in Radio Buttons, Radio Button Grids, Checkboxes, Checkbox Grids and Rating (Likert Scale) questions.  See the SurveyGizmo documentation for details – https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/answer-option-special-settings#available-special-settings


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      • As you allude to in your answer, NOT APPLICABLE is not an available option for ranking question types. Thanks for the effort though.


      If you have access to a JavaScript action, you can utilize the following documented workaround:


      This allows you to override the default behavior of a Radio Grid and force one answer per column. The main drawback that I can think of is that you will not get the same type of reporting with a radio grid as you would with a ranking grid.

      Hope this helps!

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        • YES!! This is exactly what I needed! Thank you so much for your help. I’ve been going through so much SurveyGizmo documentation the last few hours and did not come across this. Many thanks!

        • I got a little ahead of myself with my excitement.. This did put me on the right path though! The issue that I ran into was that I needed the N/A column to be able to be selected more than once, but for all other columns to only be able to be selected once. I enlisted the help of one of our engineers who built off the JavaScript code you pointed me to and the question now works as intended.

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        Following up on what Jim said, the Radio Button Grid question type can do everything the Ranking Grid question type can do but also lets you add a not applicable option. See:


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          • The Radio Button Grid question type can NOT do everything the Ranking Grid question type can do. I need to have the respondents answers restricted to 1 per column, which as far as I can tell, is not possible with the Radio Button Grid question type. Please correct me if I’m wrong.



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