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We are trying to have respondents choose a carrier they use most often from a randomized list with an other (specify) as well as the carrier they use second most often (see question below). Each question I try either doesn’t have an other (specify) option when we are ranking only two columns or they can choose more than two in the rows or columns.

Is there a way to program the question like it is shown below?


Thanks for your help!


Q1. What carrier do you use most often and which carrier do you use second most often? [ROTATE ORDER]

                                                                                        Use Most Often                2nd Most Often

Carrier 1                                                                                        X                                X

Carrier 2                                                                                        X                                X

Carrier 3                                                                                        X                                X

Carrier 4                                                                                        X                                X

Carrier 5                                                                                        X                                X

Other (specify)                                                               ______________               _____________

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    What you are describing is basically a RANKING GRID question.  Unfortunately this type of question does not allow you to label the column headers or add an OTHER option.

    If you have a PRO or ENTERPRISE level account, there is a way that you can tweak a RADIO BUTTON GRID type question so that it accepts only one answer per column. See the SurveyGizmo documentation for details – http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/one-answer-per-column

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