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Hello, I have a few questions in the survey that I am building where I am using a ranking grid to allow responders to select up to 3 statements that they consider to be of most importance to them.  However, immediately following, I chose a textbox list that will allow responders to write up to 3 areas of importance if nothing in the above ranking grid applied to them.  For this reason, we are not requiring either question to allow partial responses to both questions. 

I do see how to limit the answer in the Ranking Grid to a maximum of 3 responses.  However, I do not see how to set up validation to allow for zero responses (allowing responder to change their mind and leave the grid completely blank).  I do have 0 selected as minimum response.

During testing, I’ve found that if I select an option in the ranking grid and then change my mind, one checkbox remains filled.  I can’t click it again to remove the response.  I am able to change my answers from 3 checks to one, but I can’t remove the final checked box.  What do I need to do in validation in order to allow allow someone to change their mind and leave all responses in the ranking grid blank after they started making checks?

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    I don’t believe this is something that can be done with settings in Validation. Radio buttons carry a very specific functionality with browsers where once a radio button is clicked, it can only be un-clicked by clicking another button in that same question.

    In this regard, the drag and drop might be a better option…

    I hope that helps!

    Lola Gill answered

      Thanks for your feedback.

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