Randomly select a set of piped in rows?


I have a check box question with 16 options (Q1). I have a follow up radio button grid question, Q2 (a 1-5 rating scale), that pipes in rows from the selections in Q1.  

However, if someone checks a lot of the options in Q1, Q2 becomes burdensome.  Is there a way to randomly select and pipe, say, 6 of the selections from Q1 if the total number of selections is >6?  


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Kirill commented

    SurveyGizmo does not have a built in feature to do exactly what you are looking for (it would require scripting customizations). One option would be to not force respondents to answer all rows of the follow up grid (if there are more than 6 rows).

    You can apply a ‘minimum row required’ setting for the grid:


    This way, if the respondents feel burdened, they will not have to answer every row.

    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe commented
      • Hi Dominic – Good suggestion, thanks! However, I just tried it and it didn’t work. I’m guessing it must be due to the piping, which will result in different numbers of rows being added to the radio button grid? e.g. If I set a minimum of 6 rows required in Q2 but the respondent only checks 5 options in Q1, does that mess things up? Sounds like custom scripting might be needed…

      • Ahh! Sorry, I did not think about that particular scenario :/ It’s a long shot, but another option would be to set a minimum on the source question (so that respondents have to choose at least 6). Otherwise, like you mentioned, something custom would need to be used.



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