Radio button table import from Word not working properly


I’m pretty sure I have this formatted correctly for a radio button table but it’s not displaying properly.







maartenterhuurne answered

    I ended up copying my text and pasting it into a new document then using that and it worked fine. Not sure what was going on.

    Dominic Sharpe commented
      • I can only guess, perhaps your original file was saved in a format other than .doc?

        In any case, glad to hear you got it sorted out!


      I have exactly the same problem.

      I have the following script in MS Word:


      radio grid

                     1             2             3             4             5

      Q1          ()             ()             ()             ()             ()

      Q2          ()             ()             ()             ()             ()


      In the survey the column and row headers are not shown. I’m pretty sure I have formatted the whole thing correctly.

      Does anyone know the answer?

      maartenterhuurne answered

        I’m not sure if it’s just your screenshot, but it seems like your spacing in Word might not be single spacing which I imagine would cause a problem.

        The instructions for the Radio Grid specify the title on followed by column headers on the very next line (your column headers seem to be spilling onto two lines which might also be contributing the the issues). I would recommend reviewing this document and perhaps giving this another try:

        I was able to successfully build a simpler table with the following configuration:

        This is a radio grid test

        1          2          3          4          5

        row one          ()         ()         ()         ()         ()

        row two          ()         ()         ()         ()         ()

        Dominic Sharpe answered


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