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I am using a radio button grid. When the survey taker clicks on one of the buttons in the grid, it is possible to change the button on which they clicked, but not un-click it entirely. I’d like for them to be able to un-click completely and leave the row blank. There is a fill-in option and it they click it on accident, they cannot un-cilck it. Is there a way to change the settings of a radio button grid so that if a survey taker decides not to answer a questions in that row they can un-click the button?

Victoria Wheat373049 asked

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    There is no such setting – a radio button carries a specific functionality in web browsers whereas once clicked it cannot be un-clicked but only be de-selected by selecting another radio button.

    In many of my surveys I account for this by adding an answer option to my question like N/A or something along those lines.

    Hope that helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Here is a solution I found in the SG help files:


      Kelly Guthrie answered


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