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Is it possible to custom the reporting value of each row header of a radio grid button?
When I export this data, each excel column is a row of the radio button Grid. 
The problem is that data header exported in each column is like that: 
Header row: Question title

Is it a way to remove the question title in each column?

See your example , section Exporting:  http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/radio-buttons-grid
1ST column is: Facebook:How often do you use a social media?
2ND column is: Twitter:How often do you use a social media?

Is it possible to have:
1ST column: Facebook
2ND column: Twitter

Thank you for your help!

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    Hello! Thanks for using Community 🙂 I’m happy to help provide an answer.

    Reporting Values and Row Headers

    Reporting values are able to be customized for answer options only, I’m afraid to say. Rows in a Grid question are considered to be “subquestions” in SurveyGizmo — so Row Headers are analogous to “subquestion titles”.

    CSV/Excel export column headers

    The column headers in a CSV/Excel export do have one setting that can be customized. If you edit your export (“Customize Report” button in the upper right), and go to the Settings tab, you’ll find a “Header Format” setting. This allows you to prepend either the question number (as seen in the Build tab) or the question Id to your column headers in the export. Unfortunately, customizing grid questions to display only the subquestion title in export column header (and not the overall/grid question title) is not possible.

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      thank you for your response!

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