Radio Button Grid, Display Question By Question


I have a radio button grid with 25 questions in it. 

Is it possible to display these on the same page, but one at a time. So that the respondents don’t have to keep scrolling. 

So you answer: Strngly D.A – D.A – Neutral – Agree – Strngly Agree

And then automatically the next question comes etc. 

And make it possible to go back to correct an entry. 



Dominic Sharpe answered

    Hi Noah,

    I don’t believe there are any built in functionality to perform that with radio button grids. To tackle this challenge you would need to use javascript/jquery programming to get results.

    If I were to build this out, I would build a script that hides all the questions other then the first on load. Then as each question is answered, it will show a new question row.

    I have not personally done this, but can imagine it is possible using that method. If you’re not familiar or experienced with the programming, I know that SG recommends some experience programmers that can assist with it.

    If anyone else has a possible solution, feel free to chime in!

    Noah, let me know if I can help anymore with this.

    Noah Bell commented

      You might also consider changing the survey interaction on your Style page:

      This will update this for all questions in your survey but will be a simpler alternative to scripting.

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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