Radio Button Grid – Changing only one column width


I am using radio grid buttons in a rating scale.  

I would like to add a “Don’t Know” Column, but I want it to be a little separated from the rest of the choices.

I made a mockup below. … is this possible?

I have been able to adjust the column width equally across the grid, but I only want to affect the last column.

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    You can do this by adding a CSS Class Name on the layout tab of the question or questions and then using custom CSS with the “nth-of-type” selector.

    For example if you give your questions of this type the CSS Class Name, “wide6”, then you could add CSS like:

    .wide6 tbody tr td { width:10%; }

    .wide6 tbody tr td:nth-of-type(6) { width:20%; }

    To add custom CSS, on the style tab scroll to the bottom and find the “HTML/CSS Editor” link.

    You may need to experiment a little to get the exact look you want, but hopefully this gets you a good start.

    IS answered


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