Radio Button & Checkbox field text/labels do not align with the radio button or checkbox. Need help getting them aligned


All of a sudden yesterday the text associated to radio button and checkbox question types are not aligning with the checkbox or radio button. Can’t find help online and can’t reach support.


Can anyone help???? We have a survey going out today and it would be nice to have the text in alignment.


Anna Conlin176814 answered

    Sorry, I took IS to be the IS department. My apologies…things are crazy. I’m working with support and it looks like we found the issue. I do not have custom CSS, but do have some custom HTML, but it’s the same HTML on surveys that are working.

    Looks like the issue is now just occurring when using IE (I’m using 11) and may only happen to some users. I went into Style>Layout>Layout Options and found that deselecting the ‘Use Default Browser Icons for Radio Buttons and Checkboxes’ fixed the issue. Also found that this option was not selected for the surveys that didn’t experience the issue.

    Thanks for your help and willingness to assist and training me on the site.



    Anna Conlin176814 answered
      IS 2.21K Rep.

      I have tried to duplicate your problem without success.

      Have you applied custom CSS?

      Have you applied any html styling to your response options, like <strong>Networking</strong>?

      What font face and size are you using?


      Without seeing the actual rendered page this will be difficult to diagnose.

      IS commented
        • The actual survey name is in the urgent ticket I opened yesterday when I couldn’t get anyone on the phone or chat. When I didn’t get a response to the ticket I posted here.

          I’ll check for custom CSS and HTML.

          I had the issue even with a brand new survey.

        • By the way, I am just another SurveyGizmo user. help in this forum is user-to-user. I won’t have access to your account or your ticket.



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