Race condition with page repeat piping


Hi All,

Hoping someone can help me.   In my survey I have a radio grid question that asks the respondent about their familiarity with certain brands on a scale from “never heard” to “purchased brand P12M”. 

The next page is an auto submit page that defines a checkbox question (aided awareness) and on a separate auto submit page a custom script that sets the answers for the aided awareness checkbox question.   

On the page immediately after the custom script I am using the checkbox question to control page repeating. The page repeating will not work unless I put another page between the script and the repeating page.  This page cannot be an auto submitted page, tried that and get the same result.  If I add a page that the respondent needs to click though the page repeating works.

I’m thinking there might be a race condition happening between the data getting updated and the repeating page being created.    Can anyone help?

• Page 1: Aided awareness radio grid
• Page 2: Auto submit page with aided awareness checkbox question
• Page 3: Auto submit page with custom script to populate checkbox question
• Page 4: Page to repeat



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