[Solved] Quotas Questions: “Segmented quota” not working


Quotas Questions:

I want to screen for people who buy either of two products from a list.

From the same list, I want to DISQUALIFY respondents who report buying everything on the list (“Over-cooperators”).

Thus far, I have not been able to build this segmented quota. A name is created, but no visible quota.

johnwiest asked

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    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    It sounds like you would need to utilize a couple features here. For the Segmented Quota, you would need to build a rule that looks something like this:

    if the answer to the quota question is one of the following: product 1, product 2

    This should capture any respondents who select either product 1 or product 2 in the quota.

    For the DQ option, you will want to use Disqualify Logic:


    The DQ rule would be:

    if the answer to the Question is exactly equal to: all answers then DQ

    I hope this helps at least get you pointed in the right direction.

    Lola Gill answered


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