[Solved] Quizscore – has anyone figured out a way to tell respondents which questions they missed, and what the correct answer should be, while using random order?


This seems like really basic functionality for the quizscore (and everyone is asking for it), but so far I can’t make it work without generating a PDF of ALL the questions, which then don’t match up with the answers (which are hidden values) due to the randomization.

If anyone has a workaround for this, I’d greatly appreciate any thoughts!

cperry379364 asked

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    Hi Christina! Dominic’s suggestion about the “Show the correct answers to questions that were answered incorrectly” setting was a good one, however he is also correct about this not being included in the PDF attachment of a Send Email action. This information is only displayed to the respondent as they view the page where your Quiz action is located, and is not available elsewhere.

    Including this information in your email would have to be done manually I’m afraid, such as by typing out an “answer key” in the body of your email message. I’m sorry for this shortcoming, and sincerely hope you were able to find a solution that met your needs!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered

      Okay, so I did have “Show the correct answers to questions that were answered incorrectly” checked… but they’re not displaying. This is what I have in the Quiz Score Action (I’m not using pass/fail, so this is just for Pass, which is what everyone sees, regardless of score):

      Overall score: [quiz(“score”)]%
      Compensation & benefits: [question(“quiz score”), id=”251″]%
      Employee & Labor relations: [question(“quiz score”), id=”252″]%
      Human resource development: [question(“quiz score”), id=”253″]%
      Risk management: [question(“quiz score”), id=”254″]%
      Business management & strategy: [question(“quiz score”), id=”255″]%
      Workforce planning & employment: [question(“quiz score”), id=”256″]%

      Here’s the (possible) twist: I have the above results set up as sg-hide, so they’re not displayed in the flow, but instead are sent in an email after the quiz is completed. (but the answers to questions that were answered incorrectly don’t show up in the email, either.)

      I appreciate any thoughts!



      cperry379364 answered

        Thanks Dominic, I’ll take a look and see what I can come up with… Much appreciated!

        cperry379364 answered


          Not sure exactly what yo have set up, but have found some documents that may be helpful (might not be referencing exactly what you are looking for but maybe bits and pieces from each article can help you put something together).

          This one talks about sending Quiz Score results as an email notification:


          This one is all the available quiz score merge codes:


          As far as including the incorrectly answered questions as part of the PDF – I don’t believe this is possible. You can do it within the survey when using a Pass/Fail Quiz. There is an option to “Show the correct answers to questions that were answered incorrectly” under both the passing and failing messages.

          Hope this helps a little

          Dominic Sharpe answered


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