[Solved] Quiz Score on every page versus only at the end of the survey?


If I am correct, you can create a quiz (with many questions) and have the quiz action at the end of the survey on the thank you page. There is also the option to add a quiz action after each page. What is the benefit of adding a quiz score after each page? Is there an impact on reporting?

It is not clear in the documentation what the best practice is for quiz action (e.g., when to add a quiz action after each page and when to just use one quiz action at the end).

CBaker asked

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    I’m not sure if there is necessarily a benefit one way or there other – I suspect whether you use an action after each page or just one at the end will depend on the specific needs of your survey/project.

    The main benefit I can think of in terms of adding a quiz action after each page is that you can get a score for a specific section of your survey, whereas in general having a quiz score action at the end of your survey allows you to provide a score for all or most of the questions on your survey.

    Hope this sheds some more light on this for you.

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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