Quiz Score messages to display in Review Action


Does anyone know if it is possible to display (and subsequently add to the downloadable pdf) the message for a quiz score action into the preview action?


Basically I have a quiz score action that tally answers and displays one of 4 messages corresponding to 4 ranges.

Then on another page, I have a Preview action that allows the survey taker to  download a pdf file. On the PDF only the score shows, but not the message. Is there a way to have the message to show underneath the score?


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    Thank you very much for your reply. This is exactly what I did (sorta). To avoid duplication, I kept the quiz Score Action hidden and I created a Text Field that corresponds to each of the Quiz Score ranges, and used Logic to display it at the correct range. Worked like a charm, and of course, being a Text field, it shows on the PDF. A bit of work but does the job elegantly. 



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      Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

      There is not a direct feature to pull in the quiz score message into the Review Action PDF. There might be some options for a workaround though.

      The Quiz Score message can be captured via the quiz score merge code discussed here:


      You could try pulling the quiz score message via the merge code, into a Hidden Value action on a subsequent page:


      You then have the option to include Hidden Values into your Review Action.

      It might not be the most elegant way of tackling this, but it might be worth to give it a try.

      Hope this helps!

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