[Solved] Is there a quick way to find all reports that are scheduled to go out and stop them once you close a survey?


We have over 200 reports, for one survey, and I want to stop auto sending all the reports that are set to go out the 1st of the month.  Not all of the 200 are scheduled, but is there a quick way to find the ones that are scheduled and just stop those without having to click into and go to the share tab for each report?

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    The easiest way would have been when you set this up to only send them if there is new data. Once you close your survey there would be no further data recorded so they would not be sent going forward. The only way I know how to turn off the scheduled reports is to open each one and turn it off. Sorry about that.

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      • Thanks, that’s what I was afraid of. I knew about the check-box, but my managers want reports even if there is no data when they receive the monthly reports, so I have to keep that unchecked. The notice in survey gizmo says the report only runs once after the survey closes, so hopefully this will be the last month it happens!



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